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Dog Training – Should I Train My Dog to a Crate?

I have been often asked if I though crating training a canine was necessary or even cruel. My answer to this question has always been, “do you like your own space”? Dogs much like people, need a little private time and space. Therefore we should think of a crate more like a private den or room for our canine companions and use this space to benefit both us and our dogs.

Here are half dozen good reasons to train your dog to a crate:

These were just a few good reasons to train your dog to a crate and the notion that some think it is cruel is totally ridiculous. Treated correctly your dog will enjoy the crate as much or more than you the dog owner.

When it comes to training your dog to the crate itself it really is not that difficult. Place it in a location best suited for the dog and place a doggy bed inside along with its favorite chew toys. Introduce them to the crate and their toys but always keep the door open for a day or two until your dog is comfortable with its new space. You will know this when you start to see the dog lay down and relax or sleep in the crate.

Then once the dog is comfortable with the crate start closing the door for short periods of time, say five or ten minutes. Then open the door and call them out, look back into the crate and have them return inside the crate leaving the door open and then give them praise for a job well done. Do this for a day or two until it becomes routine.

Next start leaving the room for short periods of time when the dog is in the crate with the door closed. Gradually increase the amount of time until both you and the dog are comfortable with this new arrangement.

Crate training your dog is an easy dog training technique and truly beneficial to you and your canine companion. Dog information blog is here to inform and welcomes your comments and suggestions.