Puppy Potty Training 101

There are so many concepts and ways of training your dog. Dog training for some are categorized into types methods of training that they used. For puppies dog crate training can be a challenge. Training your pet dogs to sleep on an air filled dog bed is also a challenge. Transport dog crates are very convenient use for travel but you also need to train your pet dogs.

For most people who train their pet animals they will use the reward system. Whereby their pets are basically being bribe to do something in exchange for a toy or food. This system is not bad but there are drawbacks. This system is widely used by the popular pet name companies because it is politically correct.

When using these way of training your pet dogs tend not to listen especially if rewards being offered is not worth. Sometimes the task that is being ask of them is not worth for their effort. The results will be that these dogs will be dominant, anti social and pushy at times. The sad part is that some of these will end up in animal shelters.

The opposite of these types of trainers are those that force and intimidate their pet dogs to do what they want. It is the old school type training. It is understood that people who trained their pet animals this way are known to be under pressure for time. In short time is money. These method can be done in a short period of time.

The problem with these method is that the dogs will seldom like their handlers or trainers. so end up with a dog that when ask to do something will just tuck his tail or lay to the ground

and do not want to do anything.

Now that you have two contrasting ways of training, you can decide for yourself what to do. Before you start on the training process, you have to understand that dogs are a pack of animals and will follow their pack leader. So need their respect in order to have control and consistency in their training.

The best way or system of training your pet dogs is to incorporate these two contrasting methods of training.There has to be a time where you can reward them and have to use some distraction methods or some sort of punishment if they disobey you. In other words you have to balance between giving them rewards for good behavior and punishment for disobedient. It will not be easy but if you can do that you are giving yourself and your dog a favour.

To be respected by your dog you have to gain their respect and maintain leadership role with your pet dogs. Whether you are training them on an air filled dog bed, dog crate training or a transport dog crates you have to maintain your leadership role as a pack leader.

She’s brown and fuzzy. Her four chubby legs wobble and she loves to nibble on your finger. Kola is the new addition to your family and everything she does is so cute. Everything except when she goes pee and poop on the floor.
Kola is only a few weeks old and is still trying to seek direction on what is good and bad behavior. Her whole world is big so she often gets confused on where and when to relieve herself. The only way she can learn is by trying out different locations all over the place and look to you for a reaction. Don’t hate your puppy for not knowing, just start potty training her.
Puppy potty training will take some patience but if done correctly puppy potty training should only take a maximum of six months. Some people claim they were able to potty train their puppy in less than a few weeks. Since puppies are developing rapidly at this stage, they eat more food, burn up more energy and need to eliminate much more frequently. They also have not yet developed bowel and bladder control, so they can’t ‘hold it’ as long as adult dogs.
You could crate train your puppy to help speed along her potty training. Buy Kola at crate that is big enough for her sit, lie down, and turn around in. Animals do not like to urinate or defecate in their own sleeping area. If the crate is too big it will giver her incentive to choose a corner to relieve herself in. Place bedding or blankets down to capture Kola’s body scent and this will indicate to her that her crate is her own personal space. Crate training is done by keeping Kola confined until she shows a need to go to the bathroom. You then take her directly outside and reward her for urinating in the grass. The use of crate training to potty train your puppy will always guarantee you to be around when she goes and positively reward her for doing so.
If you do not believe in having your puppy potty trained with use of a crate then you can paper train her. When you leave the house, throw down some newspaper or doggie pads in the area Kola is confined in. When you come home do not scold her for peeing and pooing on the paper and she will soon learn that paper is an acceptable place to go. Slowly eliminate the quantity of paper use so Kola is eventually going over one square and your floor is saved. Don’t be surprised if Kola relapses after you are convinced she has learned it. This is a common experience in puppy potty training so just reinforce the practice and she will understand.
If you are home often and just want to handle puppy potty training the old fashion way, then you should take Kola out every 45 minutes, after a play session, eating, and drinking. Praise her profusely and enthusiastically when she goes potty outside. You might even consider taking her to the same spot outside so she can smell her last moment there and remember what she is being influenced to do. Do not ever harshly punish Kola during the puppy potty training sessions by physical abuse because she is too young to connect her actions with your reactions. Instead stick to using negative tones in your voice while showing her exactly what she did wrong. Immediately take her outside after reprimanding her so she knows what you want her to do. If she has the ability to continue relieving herself once outside then praise your puppy for being potty trained.
Potty training your puppy might take a while but it will certainly bring your relationship closer and allow Kola to identify you as her leader. Ultimately, potty training your puppy will strengthen your bond. Just think about how cute she will be once she stops peeing and pooing on your rug!