Leash Training A Puppy

Housebreaking Older Dogs in 3 Amazingly Simple Steps! Stop Your Dog From Messing Your Carpets!

Housebreaking older dogs differs slightly from housebreaking puppies because of the fact that older dogs have already plenty of bad habits rooted deep in their brains and are less willing to learn new things. On the other hand an adult dog should have full control over his bladder and colon and he’s less likely to eliminate uncontrollably (puppies can’t control their physiological mechanisms until they are 12 weeks old). While housebreaking older dogs you will have to arm yourself with plenty of patience and implement the tips outlined below consistently until your pet understands the message.

One of the most effective house training tips I know of is to keep an eye one the clock. Dogs need to relieve themselves within the first 20 minutes after the last meal. You can use this knowledge to you advantage and take your four-legged friend outside exactly when he needs it. In order to boost the probability of your pet eliminating outside make sure to monitor his behavior and look for such signs as circling or sniffing as they directly precede the elimination time.

A great method to speed up the potty training process is to confine your dog to one place for the first few weeks. The easiest way to do that is by purchasing a crate or isolating part of a room with a baby gate. Why do I have to do that, you may ask? Well, dogs are naturally den animals and they will look for such place wherever they go. If you can provide your dog with his own little leaving area he will not soil it and thus learn how to control his physiological needs. Dogs hate to sleep in a messy and stinky place!

While housebreaking older dogs you need to be particularly patient because adult dogs learn much slower. Make sure to perform all the aspects of the house training process consistently:

Combine these 3 tips on housebreaking older dogs in order to achieve best results and don’t get discouraged after a few days. You can’t housebreak a dog overnight!