How To Use Dog Training Treats To Make Him Learn

The Secret to Puppy Training – Being the “Pack Leader”

Most people know the basics of dog training. They know how to use positive reinforcement to house train the dog. They have methods of getting the dog to stop barking. And they usually have a long list of techniques to solve and.all of the other common dog problems.

But, the one big mistake these people are making the they are ignoring the fact that it is most important to teach the puppy where his place is in the pack hierarchy Dogs evolved from wolves. Wolves are predators dogs had the same predatory instinct that there Wolf ancestors had other animals like cows and horses or herd animals. Predatory animals travel in packs. Unlike herd animals pack animals live in an a hierarchal system.

There is the pack leader, usually the alpha male, that takes care of the rest of the pack. The other animals in the pack look up to and respect the pack leader. It is important your puppy recognizes use the pack leader and understands that it is at the bottom of the hierarchy. Before you can be pack leader, you have to understand what the pack leader does and how the pack leader acts.Pack leaders are not abusive. They do not get angry or mad. Instead of pack leaders are calm, they are confident, and they are a fairer ruler.a pack leader does not bully. They are not harmful to the other members of the pack and they do not tease.

When you first get a new puppy, it will try to interact with you the same way that it would interact with its siblings. It will chase bite and scratch. It is your job to let the puppy know that these behaviors are unacceptable. If you ignore these behavior is harmless playing, you will end up with an overaggressive and disobedient dog that thinks it is at the top of the pack hierarchy. It is also important to use a crate. This not only reduces house training mistakes, but it helps to teach the puppy that they are not the pack leader. Even when the puppy is not in the crate, do not let the puppy run around the house free. Keep the puppy on a leash or confined to a small room.

Restriction of freedom is another important concept that the puppy needs to learn. Puppies instinctively have a lot of predatory drive. This is not a bad thing, but it needs an outlet. Give the puppy toys that it can chew, play fetch with it, and play tug-of-war. All of these things will act as a natural outlet to your puppy, but at the same time, will let them know that you are in charge of when to release these predatory instincts. If puppies don’t realize early on in their lives that they stand at the bottom of the pack hierarchy, it will be hard to correct this trait later in the dog’s life.