How To Train Your Dog To Walk On A Leash

Dog Toilet Training – Plan Early To Improve Behavior

Let us understand some straightforward and trouble-free steps to execute dog toilet training. First of all you need to consider the type of food given to the dog, if food has high sugar and fiber this will usually create problem in digestion or might cause lose motion also. In such situation you will find it difficult to train your dog for its toilet habits.

It is essential to feed the dog with good healthy food without supplying any additional supplements in between its meals. You must set the time for feeding your dog and do not show irregularity in feeding. The quantity of the food to be given to the dog should be regulated. Adequate time gap between the meals and adequate quantity of food will allow the dog to have set pattern of relieving time. The time for defecate is generally after half an hour of feeding the dog.

Take your dog for a regular walk and understand his toilet habits. Now the other important step is to let the dog know the place where it can defecate. So by taking dog several times to the same place to defecate, dog will also recognize that. Dog toilet training also includes that whenever dog does the toilet on that particular spot then you need to give compliment to the dog. Thus, this is how dog learns to defecate at a particular spot.

You should start to teach the dog toilet training as early as possible. If you are unsure of the dog defecating timing then it may start spoiling the indoors. So it is essential to provide dog the training for toilet which is better for sanitizing point of view. Belt or leach should be tied on the neck so that you can guide him finding particular spot to defecate.

Other technique for dog toilet training is to use of crate, this will control the dog if they defecate to the place where they sleep, by using crate, dog will learn to move out at the time of defecate. You should teach the dog the way to communicate by hand indication rather that using voice commands. So by making such interactions regularly, dog will get habituated with the signals and understand what you want to convey.

You should not expect fast learning as these things take time and as it involves dogs who take time to learn. The training should be imparted to the dog with clear objectives. The dogs are sensitive creatures and have mood swings; hence care must be taken to remain calm and patient with them. The dogs acquire habits easily and hence to make them learn new habits, you should be persistent with them.