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A Man’s Best Friend – Puppy Obedience Training

One of the most exhilarating things that will ever happen to you is bringing a puppy home. It’s like expanding your family. Despite that, it will take some effort to make your little doggy listen to you.

Despite being considered easier than house training a mature dog, house training a puppy requires you to keep a couple of things in mind before you begin to train your doggy to be obedient.

Traditionally, one uses, among other things, a leash or collar along with some manipulation to teach the puppy fundamental orders. The downside is that this way can be quite severe even harming fragile breeds of puppy. With a puppy such as a German Shepherd or a Bulldog, who aren’t as delicate, you might consider trying this approach. However, should you have opted for a Poodle or a Chihuahua, using a less strict method, e.g rewarding the animal or giving it its favorite food, whenever it is obedient, while denying it whenever it is not, might be a better idea?

You might also force him to stay in a kennel whenever he’s obstinate.

If training the puppy with rewards is doomed for failure, it could be that you have to resort to being somewhat strict and go for the leash or collar method. A very common approach to the collar method is having the dog sport an electronic collar around his or her neck, while brandishing a remote control in their own hand. In case of disobedience by the dog, you shall press the button, causing the collar to discharge a low-intensity shock. As these shocks do not have a high intensity, they do not cause any pain, but they will be dislike by the dog and in the end also evoke obedience.

Despite that, the best communication method for you and your canine pal is finding a common language. Say words like yes, no, good boy bravo…etc. to make your sentiments known to him.

This could require both patience on your part and a good deal of time at first, but the bond between the two of you that will come out of this will last forever.

Having trained a stubborn dog, you have earned the title of expert in dog obedience training.