Dog Training – Cool Dog Tricks

Every new pet owner has to potty train their puppy. This should be started from the moment you come home with puppy. The best puppy potty training tips are to have a positive attitude and start a routine.

Here's a few good puppy potty training tips:

1. Take puppy out often. Young puppies have small bladders and should be given opportunities to potty.

2. One of the most important puppy potty training tips is to create a routine and stick to it. Schedule a wake up time and bedtime along with naps for your puppy. Feed puppy meals at the same time every day.

3. Take your puppy to the same spot outside. Go with your puppy, using a leash take puppy to the spot, and wait till puppy goes, once finished, praise puppy.

4. Keep a close eye on puppy. Don't allow puppy to have free rein of the house, this has to earned. Use a crate when you can't watch puppy.

5. Learn the signs that your puppy needs to potty. If you see your puppy running around in a circle sniffing the floor, take outside immediately.

6. Don't scold your puppy for making a mistake, this can cause puppy to fear you (making you a source of pain).

7. Clean up accidents with a good cleaner and keep a closer eye on puppy. Try to catch puppy in the act.

These puppy potty training tips can help if you stick to that routine and keep a close eye on puppy to avoid/catch accidents.

Okay, who among us does not love to watch movies with well trained dogs? Dogs like Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Air Bud, and Pongo the Dalmatian? These dogs do cool dog tricks that are far beyond the basic dog training. Is it really possible for your average Tina to learn beyond dog obedience training?
Good news! Even a rescued dog can surely learn these adorable and simple dog tricks. I will show you how to get your dog to wave, play dead, dance, and crawl. These are actually easy tricks to teach dogs.
Before you begin teaching Tina to do dog tricks for entertainment purposes, it is essential for her to have mastered all the basic dog obedience commands. These include sit, down, stay, heel (left and right), come, as well as a long sit, down, or stay, and all commands performed off leash. The dog must also be able to handle distractions.
Let us start with showing Tina how to “shake,” which follows with a wave session next. If Tina likes to use her paws, say “Good shake,” and reward her with affection when she places her paw in your hand. If Tina does not like to use her paws, help her. Place her paw in your hand and tell her shake. Repeat the exercise three to five times in a row to drill it in and reinforce it, always using the same hand and the same paw.
Repeat this entire exercise session four to six times a day, but with no more than five iterations at once. This keeps Tina from getting bored.
Now that Tina has mastered shaking hands, ask her to sit in readiness for the next of her cool dog tricks – waving. Then put your hand out about an inch away from her. When she reaches for your hand, tell her “Good wave.” Increase the distance a little more each time. If Tina gets frustrated, go back to the last time she waved and help her with the increased distance.
Always play with your dog for a few minutes after each training session. Playtimes keep the whole thing relaxed and fun. It is also important bonding time.
Ready for more cool dog tricks? If you want Tina to learn to crawl and play dead, begin with playing dead. Have Tina lie down. Either roll her on her side yourself, or use a favorite toy as an assistant. Tell her to “Stay dead.” Before too long, you will only need the word “dead.”
To teach Tina to crawl, have her lie down, and then tell her to stay a minute. Next, sit on the floor a couple of inches away. Keeping your hand just barely above the floor, motion for her to come. As she crawls, encourage her with calmly saying “Crawl; that-a-girl, crawl!” Reward her with affection, or use a favorite toy if you like.
Dancing is another of the popular tricks to teach dogs. You want your Tina to learn to dance around in a circle, but how? Form an “O” with your hand. Move your hand slowly in a circle, while moving your body around as necessary, to get your dog to follow your hand in a circular fashion. All the while you are saying, “Dance. Let’s dance.” (Or something similar.) If Tina jumps at your hand, make her sit, then get her on a heel and have her follow you with your hand still in the “O” position, your arm slowly moving in a circle. She will start to get the idea.
Next, you might teach Tina to dance standing on her back legs. This is especially easy if your dog likes to jump or stand for affection. Just set it up so that she is doing the motion, then give it a name (e.g., “dance” or “groove”) and reward her for doing the motion. “Good Groove!”
As you see, your dog can learn how to do these simple dog tricks in a step by step process. Be aware, though, that Tina needs a motion first, which is then associated with a word. Otherwise, you give a word command and the dog becomes confused, anxious and frustrated, eager to please but not knowing how. It is easy for her to watch your hand, though. So, induce an action or reward a behavior, then give that behavior a name. Before you know it, your dog will amaze your friends, appearing as a dog movie star with impressive cool dog tricks!