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Dog House Training

Is your dog a burden rather than a playful mate that obeys you? This means that you should teach your dear pet some basic dog house training in order to make things right.

The most elementary thing when starting the dog house training is to make it understand that you are the leader of the house and that the pet should keep the rules of the house. You must be aware of the fact that the dog cannot possibly know what the rules of your house are, so you have to be patient and to show your dog each rule one by one. For instance if you don’t like that the dog jumps at your couch and has ruined it and the all the pillows in the room or your slippers are ruined, show it that this is not an acceptable behavior in your house. You must establish a dominant position towards your dog, as it needs to know who is in charge, otherwise it will take the lead and you will not be able to do anything to correct that. You can show your disapproval of the dog’s actions by walking away from your pet or raise the tone of your voice. By no means should you beat your dog, as it will develop aggression and beating an animal is not a good way to reach what you want. Once you see that your dog got the message, make sure you reinforce this behavior and praise the animal. You can pat your dog, give it a treat or simply praise it by using some reinforcing words. Remember that appraisal is an important part of the dog house training.

When should you start the dog house training? Well you should do this from early puppy hood. This may mean two weeks or four weeks or even more; it all depends on each breed of dog. Try to start the dog house training as early as possible with your pet. Anyway, don’t punish your pup if it has wet the floor for the very first time it got in your house. The dogs usually do this when they are excited. When this happens again, make the dog smell the floor and show the place where this process must take place such as the yard or a special place in your patio and the dog is smart enough to record that. Of course, you should not expect your dog to go and pee on the very spot you’ve shown it only after one occasion. Be patient and show the dog several times this and praise a good deed each time. Again, some breeds might learn very fast what to do, some breeds will take some time to realize that.

So, if you want to perform dog house training, make sure you show your dog who the boss is. Once it knows that, it will be happy to please you and will do all things as you ask, showing respect to you and your household.