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Perfect Dog Training Skills (how to Use Psychological Method) – Live in Dog Training DVD

Dogs are very intelligent animals and that make it easier for us to be able to communicate with them. For animals like goat we may find it difficult to pass a command to them because even a hundred times they may never learn.

Knowing fully well that dogs are very inquisitive and intelligent creature, we can easily teach them on our own without seeking the help of a pet trainer. All we need to do to train our dog by our self is to get little idea of what dog training is all about.

First and foremost, you have to know that the easiest way to teach dogs is by using psychological method. Psychology only works with animal that has emotional feelings. You and I know that dogs are the most passionate animals on earth. So, psychological method will work perfectly well with dogs.

How do I use psychology for my dog?

Dogs understand when you are happy and when you are sad. When your dog disobeys you, show to the dog that you are not happy with that. When you give your dog a command and he or she fails, express your disappointment in the way that he or she will understand you are disappointed. But after a while come back to him/her and tell him/her the same thing. With that, his or her psychology will tell the dog that you don’t like that, or he or she will ask “what did I do wrong”. If you are careful enough you can see that in his or her looks.

Dogs also like praises, so you have to praise and reward your dog on every little improvement. With that his or her psychology will tell the dog that I am a winner.