Dog Behaviour Training – How to Train Your Dog the Right Way

Dogs are considered very valuable by their owners. Over the years dogs have gone from been just a pet to been a member of the family. Of all the pets out there, the dog is the most popular among the pets. One of the reasons for this is that dogs are trainable, by just knowing some hand signals for dog training you can give your pet the proper training. Dogs are very smart, well maybe with a few exceptions, but if you teach your dog some verbal and hand signals commands they can easily grasp your message. Dogs are very good at reading body language, if you have any doubt on that, just think about how your dog reacts when you are upset. Because of their ability to read body language they can very easily learn hand signals in addition to the verbal commands. Using hand signals for dogs will make the training a lot more effective if done properly.

No such thing as official dog hand signals for dog obedience training exists, so when training a dog you can choose signals as you wish, although this is not advisable. There are some common signals that are used for the heel, sit, stay, come and down command. Make sure that when you are using hand signals to train your dog you start with your arm at your side. Moving your hand toward your chest face your palm upward. This way your dog starts associating your arm and your hand with a command.

The next thing to do is to teach your dog understand the stay command. To do this your need to put your arm straight in front of your dog with your palm extended forward. Then you give your dog the stay command and gradually extend your arm and maintain your hand perpendicular with the palm of your hand very closed to your dog's noses but without many physical contact.

If and when your dog attempts to snuffle your hand, stop him at once but in a gently. To make your dog lay down with its stomach on the floor, keep your and open flat, with the palm facing down and parallel to the floor. Keep your arm curved at the elbow in a descending far-reaching motion. If you are your starting to teach your dog the down command it is recommended that you show him what down means.

Using hand signals for dog training is a good way to teach your dog to become aware of different hand signals. The dog will be paying attention to your hands to see if you have any new commands for him. When you add verbal commands to the dog training hand signals you improve your pet's comprehension. Your pet will learn to respond to the verbal or hand command in almost no time if you apply them properly. Once the pet get used to your hand signals and associates it with the right action it would be easier for the owner to give commands and for the dog to understand.

When training your pet with hand signals for dog obedience training, giving them a treat, a toy, or even tons of praise will inspire and motivate your pet to do well every single time. You will find that some dogs are more motivated by food, others by toys, others by praise. You will need to find out what is what motivates your dog the most. If for any chance your pet refuses to comply with the dog training commands, do not use physical punishment, this will just make him not want to do anything, remember to use verbal commands and dog obedience hand signals..

Once your pet does well with the basic dog training hand signals then he might be ready to get more advanced training and perform more complicated duties. So the next time you get upset at your dog because he is following your commands think if you are applying the hand signals for training dogs technique the proper way. If you still have questions about how to apply this training you can do a research on the internet for the phrases dog training books + hand signals, you might find some very interesting advice.

Do you think that any otiose way is enough for the training of a dog? Let me ask in this way. Do you sensibly think that dog behaviour training should cease to play its ineffective (alleged) role? Well, you may not think in this way but a host of people does. Moreover, I am afraid to say, a good number of dog owners are also in this group. But there’re several precedents to prove that their thought processes are pathetically incorrect and have no relation with the base. Dog behaviour training now and ever plays a great role.
Where lies the problem then? According to researches the mistakes of the dog owners play major roles in this. It is very natural that the mistakes of any owner can put the prospect of the entire training at risk and if this continues to increase there can be mayhem. On the other hand the behaviour problems of dogs play significant roles. This has a good similarity with the humans. You must agree that behavioral problems among us emerge when our emotional needs are not satisfied. The situation is also same in the case of dogs. It is you who can clear this vagueness and make him realize that he is a part of your family. This indicates that there is a necessity to train him in the right way.
What types of behaviour problems of a dog can there be? They can be in the form of excessive barking, constant digging, having a tendency to biting and also overweening aggression. Remember you are the trainer and you shall have to evolve a right way to stop all these. This may be the result from a lack of communication between it and the entire family. It can also happen, though very rarely, due to the influence of its own breed. What should you do then? You are the trainer and the remedy lies with you. You shall have to impart a rigorous but cooperative type of dog behaviour or obedience training. The onus of success is on you and also on the proficient handling of the dog obedience training.
From the very outset you shall have to establish yourself as the leader. Never forget that in these days dogs are domestic animals but in reality they are wild. Even in these days the influence of wildness exists on them and therefore like other animals they prefer to live in packs. Each of these packs remains under the auspices of an alpha dog who enjoys an authoritarian power. This notion of power makes other dogs surrender before him. Any dog is familiar with this expression of power for generations. He is venerated by dogs who act in this way. You shall have to be the leader of the same type and hence you must impose your likings, disliking on the dog and make him abide by those. This will make the process of training easier.
You should never reward any bad behaviour even unmindful otherwise there can be dangerous consequences. You should be cautious while giving commands also.