Crate Training Dogs How To Crate Train The Adult Rescue Dog

Training a Dog

The safety of the trainer is the most important factor to remember when ever training a dog. When training a dog to be a guard, for protection, and for attack purposes, the dog must be trained in a manner that puts the trainer in total control of the dogs’ aggressive behavior. Knowing the proper steps involved here is a great key to doing things the right way.

Aggressive actions are required for the dog in this type of training and the trainer is used as the target for the dog. This puts the trainer in a very dangerous and threatened position. It is of utmost importance that the dog knows to attack the trainer on command and also extremely important that it backs off immediately when ordered.

Usually the main fixation in the fear of dealing with an attacking dog is its bite. Often overlooked are the dog’s nails that are razor sharp and spring out much like cats claws do when the animal feels threatened. The dogs don’t mean to scratch you, but this becomes an unintended consequence that may end up scraping you in the process.

The dog is going to instinctively try to grab the trainers arm in an attack. In doing this the dog is going to put its front paws on the trainer’s thighs. The trainer being well protected for this is very important. When this type of strategic attack is the case, scratch pants are the trainer’s best friend.

Scratch pants are made from an extremely thick material with an equally thick filling inside. This will very effectively deter any scratches that could happen during training activities and be a huge help to the trainer.

When the trainer falls to the ground and the dog is in an aggressive mode and intends to continue with the attack, scratch pants will undoubtedly protect the dog as well by not letting him hurt himself.

Scratch pants have proven to be an incredibly useful training aid, providing safety for both the trainer and the dog. Think about getting a pair of these if you’re concerned about getting hurt during the process.

Training your dog is very important and must be done safely. Follow the steps outlined above and you’ll end up with a loving, caring pet that’s safe around both family members and guests. It takes hard work and some commitment, but you’ll be sure to see the results you’re looking for over time. Good luck with this all, and try to have some fun with it. The more you’re enjoying yourself, the more your dog will as well.