Potty Train Puppy – How to Make it Happen Quickly and Easily

How do you potty train a puppy effectively? There is a ton of data online about how to go about this process.

Some of the information works and some of it doesn’t. Here are some tips that have proven effective at helping your dog learn when and where to do its’ business.

First pick one place outside or in the garage and consistently train the dog to use that area time and again. If you take them to different spots every time they will just get confused, but if they go to the same place time and again, they will soon figure out that this is their designated area.

When they do go, make sure you lavishly praise them and even give them a treat, which will show them they’ve done something good. It doesn’t take all that many times of doing this before they eventually understand what they need to do.

Another effective potty train a puppy technique is to just ask the person who owned the dog before you how they trained them so that you know what the dog is used to when going and can duplicate this. Learn the times they like to go and also whether they prefer concrete or grass.

What do you do when the inevitable happens-they go in the house? If the dog already has gone potty in the house, in a particular area, now just transform that spot into the place where they sleep and eat.

They will begin thinking of that place as their part of the home, and therefore they will not want to go potty there. The other option is to just clean it up quickly and remove the smell as best you can, so that your dog can’t smell the area they’ve gone in and won’t start thinking it’s okay to go there.

Also, as soon as they go, you can just tell them “no” and immediately take them outside to finish the job; as soon as they have, praise them for going where they were supposed to. It might take several times of doing this, but eventually they will learn that going in the house isn’t acceptable.

Remember that potty training a puppy isn’t that difficult. The key is to just keep up with the training, and not lose faith.

The correct way to potty train a puppy is to not get impatient, stay consistent in both your time and location, and lavish them with praise when they do go in their designated area, as this will encourage them to go there again.